Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage
Taking care of yourself


Therapeutic massage combines several recognized techniques, mainly classical massage, and is performed on different parts of the body following the meridian paths of Chinese medicine. The pressures exerted are variable and the main objective is to release blockages in order to give the body the vitality necessary to regain harmonious functioning.

Its benefits are at all levels: first of all on the musculoskeletal system (system allowing mobility), it relieves muscular tension and participates positively in the reduction of pain. It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthens the immune system, promotes various functions such as digestion, elimination, skin tissue nutrition, etc…

Finally, its general action acting on the nervous system, it also provides a great physical and mental relaxation, thus making it possible to better fight against various neurovegetative disorders such as stress or insomnia.

Therapeutic massage is an ally in terms of prevention for health and a valuable tool in addition to medical treatment without replacing it.

I use organically grown oils, including a neutral base oil that is suitable for both children and pregnant women.

Composition of the massage oil Bio neutral :
100% vegetable oils certified Organic, Ecocert and AB
Mixture of organic vegetable oils sesame, sunflower, apricot kernels, sweet almond
Warranty :
– without essential oil
– preservative-free
– dye-free
– without synthetic fragrance
– no petrochemical derivatives (no paraffin or silicone)
– without raw material of animal origin
– Not tested on animals