Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage releases physical tension, relieves pain, calm the nervous system and restores a state of deep calm.

It is performed on different parts of the body following the meridian paths of Chinese medicine. The techniques used are diverse, but the main ones are: sliding pressure, kneading, percussion, shaking, grasping, etc. The rhythm and intensity are adapted according to the area being massaged and the patient.

The benefits of therapeutic massage can be found on various levels :

  1. First of all on the musculo-articular system : muscles, tendons, bones, joints. The massage helps to release tension so that the muscles are more supple and the joints more mobile. By releasing blockages, it promotes the circulation of blood and various liquids, thus reducing a lot of pain. In the practice, the main demand for tension and pain is in the neck, trapezius and back.

  2. Blood and lymphatic circulation : the activation by massage through various techniques stimulates the motor function of the vessels. On the one hand, waste products and toxins are set in motion to be evacuated, and on the other, fluids and nutrients are better distributed.

  3. Through its stimulating action, massage promotes various functions such as circulation, digestion, elimination, nutrition of the skin tissue, etc.

  4. Its general action acts on the nervous system, more precisely on the para-sympathetic system. The latter controls physiological processes in normal times, outside of periods of stress or emergency governed by the sympathetic nervous system. This is why massage reduces stress and anxiety, provides relaxation and calms the body and mind.

  5. Finally, it strengthens the immune system thanks to its action on the nervous system and the various circulations, particularly lymphatic.

    Therapeutic massage is therefore an ally for health and a precious tool for pathologies affecting the various systems mentioned.

    I use oils from organic agriculture, in particular a neutral base oil suitable for children and pregnant women (a mixture of organic sesame, sunflower, apricot kernel and sweet almond oils).

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